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[To The Beginner/Intermediate Trading Enthusiast That Wants To Get MASSIVE Wins]

How To Make $1k~$2kUSD Per Week With Low Stress, Low Capital, Low Risk And High Consistency By Spotting Crypto Swing Patterns

... Even if you only have $100 and 1 hour per day to trade

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In This Short 60 Minute Training You Will Learn:

 System #1: The exact step-by-step process on how we made a 1k Account turn into a 38k account in 3 weeks... flat!

 System #2: which brokers, trading styles and techniques to use to get the best results

 System #3: why you only need 3 trades in a day to scale your fortune

 System #4: Guaranteed $20k Cold, Hard, Cash, not some "worth of value" bullsh*t

 BONUS: Get a FREE Trading Software To Help You Scalp More Efficiently (Worth $500USD)

P.S. This is a pure value webinar, there is no selling involved. It is an opt-in only system, that means that if you've gotten value and want to take things further, then sign up for a free coaching call!

Some Esteemed Clients From Companies We've Worked With:

Here's What People Have To Say About My Past Results:

Natasha, Student

Made over $1,000+ within the first few days of learning the swing trading managing secrets method. Consistently earning a full time income WHILE studying!

Leonard Png, Agency Owner

Digital Marketer consistently makes over $2,000+/week doing trading in his free time.

Pang, Part-Time Trader

As of today, Pang has made $4,000USD Profits from only $1,000USD in capital

About Your Trainer:

Brand New Test Account Started On 11th December 2020, Turned Top #1 SG In Leaderboard And Top #13 Worldwide In 3 Weeks!

Meet Your Trainer Yan and his team:

Yan used to work in UOB as one of the top analysts in Singapore, but felt that his life was going no where in the corporate world.

He stepped out in 2020 and has been consistently searching for opportunities in the market. He stumbled across a simple, yet winning formula for Bitcoin trading and he has since made over $500,000 from running this.

This masterclass is a value-only masterclass as expressed by Yan. There will be no selling, no purchasing of anything... Just pure value.

Individuals that want to work with Yan directly in a student-mentor basis will be vetted through and heavily selected through a process of interviews.

Take care, and enjoy your swing trading secrets masterclass!

Pure-Value Masterclass Teaching You How To Immediately Win In The Market By Discovering Massive Opportunities!


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